Double Flow Evaporators

Code: SPO


The nominal capacities calculated according to European Standards that refer to SC1-SC2-SC3-SC4 conditions and are valid for R404A.


5/8 copper tube 0,40mm thickness.

Staggered copper tubes 50×43,3 mold geometry.

Aluminum fins 0,23mm thick.

The coils are designed with aluminum fins spaced 4-6-8mm crimped onto copper tubes.

Header input and output tube connections made of copper.

All coils are tested with 24 bar pressure.

The coil circuits are designed for refrigerants R404A, R507F, R449A, R507C, R134A, R407C.

Refrigerant Distributor.


The casing for Double Flow Evaporators are manufactured from aluminum.

All Double Flow Evaporators are painted with electrostatic powder paint RAL 7035.


Double Flow Evaporators provided Without Fans.

Available Fan diameters Ø300 / Ø350 / Ø400 / Ø450.

Defrost Heaters

DH1 Combination (Coil) is suitable for 0°C/+5°C cold room applications.

DH2 Combination (Coil+Tray) is suitable for -34°C/0°C frozen room applications.

Double Flow Evaporators provided Without Defrost Heaters.



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